We move you, not just your home.

No matter what the dwelling, we have the expertise to get you in and out the right way. We show up to your tailored start times and come ready with all the proper equipment for your big day.

What you can expect on moving day

  • We start the day with a welcome call to confirm all the key info, like address, intersection and where to park the truck. As soon as we arrive, we do a thorough walkthrough of your home, noting your special items that require extra care.
  • Then we get moving by quickly and carefully protecting your items and stacking the truck securely. We can tailor the order in which certain items go on the truck to suit any special requirements you may have.
  • We can place your furniture and items in specific places, or simply carry them in and set them down if you wish to save time and money. We finish things off with a walk through with you to ensure everything is in its place and that the move was done in its entirety.
  • We want you to feel at home from day one! If you wish to purchase our Wardrobe Boxes please leave all your hanging items on their hangars and let us transfer them to wardrobe boxes.

Smooth Transitions…

Seniors Moves

We R Movers specialize in helping seniors smooth the way during one of the most trying times of life, when an elderly person either decides to move or is forced to move because they can no longer live alone or care for themselves. You’ve done your research and found the perfect community to call home for yourself or loved one… however now you need to downsize and decide what should come with you.

Deciding what to do with a lifetime of belongings which hold sentimental value can be a stressful time as most people come from a larger family home and now need to decide what they’d like to bring with them to their new home.

Finding a competent and reliable moving company is perhaps the most important aspect of downsizing into an apartment or a retirement community. The last thing you want is broken, scratched – or even lost or stolen – personal items.

We R Movers also understand how important your items are, which is why we take special care to make sure that everything is packed and moved perfectly, so that your items can be transferred without a scratch. We R Movers offer very unique and delicate moving services dedicated for the specific needs of the seniors and their families. No Hidden costs, no surprises when you move, in fact, we offer our Seniors a 10% discount.

Let’s face it, moving is not fun, but with We R Movers… things just got a whole lot easier.

Leaving the Nest…

Whether you’re a student moving from home to college or a student moving from the dorm to your first apartment, there are two big factors most consider when figuring out the details to their move: affordability and convenience.

Moving to or from dorms and apartments usually means going up and down a building several times carrying boxes, bags, totes and suitcases of every shape and size.. Many try to cram everything into the back of their car or a borrowed pick-up and it always take more trips that you think.

What is all comes down to is that we understand that a student budget many times does not stretch very far so we became experts at getting in and getting out, being fast, efficient and money saving! We fill elevators to the top, run up and down stair cases, strap backpacks on our backs while carrying 2 more suitcases in one hand and 4 boxes on a dolly with the other… all in effort to lessen the stress load for you and get your move done without breaking the bank.

As a student, your move is hassle-free with We R Movers and quickly becomes the least of your worries.